“What do you love doing so much that the words failure and success essentially become irrelevant?” - Elizabeth Gilbert

Photography, for me, is predicated on years and years (eleven to be exact) of complex and emotional attachment to the craft. I spent countless hours in dark rooms and behind the screen - calculating, adjusting, editing, creating. Before I turned this big part of me in to a business, I was a young girl romping through neighbors backyards with my camera in hand. Using artful self portraiture in the long driveway of my parents home to tell my story. I look back on those pictures now and my path makes sense. I followed up those long developmental years behind my camera honing my craft by studying and receiving my BFA in photography. I’ve come to understand myself and my surroundings better by looking at the transformation of moments into memories thanks to a camera.

I’m a 25 year old storyteller, and story lover. I love the love stories. Whether its the love between you and another, or the love you are finding every day within yourself - I want to capture your story, to shout your beauty from the rooftops and to do it justice in a way that encompasses the space between right and real. The older I get, less I am driven by originality, and more by authenticity. If I can make you any promises, it’s that I will look at your biggest moments with this principle in mind.

Within the past year, I have made the scary and difficult decision to leave my Masters in Landscape Architecture program in order to chase after wedding photography with everything in me - as any other field just hasn’t given me the same kind of passion or nurturing that I find in creating photographs. So, long story short - you can rest assured that I’m in this for you wholeheartedly. For the long run, until death do us part. For your beloved and for your story. I’m in it for you.

Bree Woolliscroft